Life Couch: I enjoyed writing this film with Helen Perkins. Big thanks to the director James Robinson and all the cast and crew who gave their time and energy free. I'm very proud of what we made together.

Life Couch (8 min film) Life Couch is a short and surreal drama which follows Hannah, a young singer whose life seems to be unravelling. Filmed in Kendal, Cumbria, during February 2013.

 Directed By James Robinson.                                                      Director Of Photography Tony West.                                              Written By Helen Perkins and Ann Wilson.                                                  Cast Rosanna Eaton as Hannah.                                                            Rosie Wates as Beatrix.                                                                            Daniel Taylor as Ed.                                                                                       Simon Yaxley as TV Voiceover.                                                                      Dan Harrop as Electrician.                                                                            Editor James Robinson.                                                                                Sound Director Jason Williams.                                                           Composer Thomas Nicholls.                                                                        Singer Kathryn West                                                                     PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE FILM: