April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). So, I'm writing a poem a day and putting them all on this page.

Hike-'oo'  - day 1

I keep talking about walking

'cause I'm only stumbling through

I'd love to swagger but I stagger

If I could hike I'd 'oo'


I crawl the stairs on hands and knees

and go down them on my bum

I cling to chairs, I lean on walls

It leaves me feeling glum


The only marathon I can take part in

is a nutty chocolate bar

I'd love to flounce out of a room

but I just can't get that far


I'd love to go for a country walk

but it's hard just going to the loo

One day when my legs are strong

I will hike and 'oo'


The boy who turned into a fox (for Matt Wayland Copley)  - day 2

My old friend has turned into a fox

He always was difficult to catch

I'd watch a shock of his red hair disappear into the woods

He would scurry, scramble until he was tired

Then I'd see him watching, ears pricked and attentive.


My old friend has turned into a fox

He always had a fondness for blackberries and grapes

I heard the story of when he was angry

He captured the sun, tied it to a hill

and watched it burn a hole in the ground.


My old friend has turned into a fox

He sits grooming his lush red brush

He licks his paws clean

He is alert, a loyal kitsune, a faithful guardian

His playful fox-like spirit

Keeps us both young 


What did you do? - day 3

What happened to him?

the sweet drunken sailor boy

Early that morning.


A series of unlikely  explanations - day 4

You were late for one class because
the bus broke down and the driver went missing

Another time you'd just forgotten what day it was

My favourite was when you saved your little sister from her hair straighteners that caught fire in her hair, I knew you didn't have a little sister

Closely followed by you being interviewed for a wrestling magazine and the interviewer could only call you at twenty past nine

In the staff room I heard you'd stopped a dog from attacking some kids by grabbing it's mouth shut and you had to go home and wash your hands
And I hoped you'd top that in my next class

You did, you said a Rhino had escaped from the animal park and it was running up Dalton by-pass
That turned out to be true

I knew most of these explanations were unlikely but I enjoyed hearing what you had to say
So often your head was down, a bit of eye contact was a treat

Yes I would mind if you'd just said you slept in

A promise to myself - day 5

One night

I will party

Unleash my disco vibe

I'll be the Queen of the dance floor

Just wait.


Goodbye weekend drinks - day 6

Sorry wine, we've had our time

Guiness we are finished

Real Ale you've been Double Dropped

G&T I've had to stop

No more weekend drinks for me

You're all replaced by cups of tea

Not through choice but for my health

I have to leave you on the shelf.


Although everyone was invited - Day 7

Some children won't attend as they don't own coats

Some children won't attend because they can't afford the bus

Some won't bother because they won't be heard

Some have tried before, they've heard all the guff

Some children are ferried in 4x4 Land-Rovers

They know what to say to win gold stars and treats

Some tidy their home it's their turn to make dinner

They work out what to cook so everyone can eat

How can we be equal? When our start is always different


What price is compassion? Who works out what we need?

Where are all the mentors? Are they hiding in the chaos

Underneath the twittering, the chicks just need to feed.


Clocking off - day 8


At this time of day I have chronic fatigue

It's enforced meditation

I reflect, I'm grateful for what's going well

I'm told I'm a good patient

but am I useful?


This Morning  - Day 9

There's a rip in the blackout curtain

She appears on morning TV

Tells about paramedics

How she stayed positive

Presenters tease out facts

Highlight high-emotion

Her human experience

The wheeled on expert talks on circles

Top Tips fill the screen

Later she'll be back in her dark room

but further forward, reaching for something.


Un-love - Day 10

It would take ultimate betrayal

A personality change

A breakdown in communication

For us to be estranged

all my fight would be gone

Nothing would make sense

My life would be past tense

I can't unravel this love

It would take more than an explosion

And I will never go to war

The Writers Plea. Day 11

I'll be specific

Just give me one hour to write

I won't waste my time

I'll speak in my unique voice

I'll find everything I lost.

 Voices   Day 12

Whisper to the echo of the willow on the hill

Howl at the memory of the moon

Stutter at the silence when all the town is still,

Whistle until you find a tune.

Scream at the sunrise, make the world get louder,

Sing out everything you'll ever want to say,

Speak to the children, help them find their voices

encourage them to make a brighter day.


 On hearing about the death of my father   Day 13

No tears

No anger

No poetry

No father


All my life No

Now his death No

I will not attend his funeral No

No regrets

No needs

No joke

No words

Just No

Not now

now is not the time

This time I choose to be silent