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A poetry collection inspired by the moods and sounds of colours.  This booklet was first published in April 2008.  To read a review of it please visit the reviews page.  There is no post charge for the download option.

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The Meat Trilogy 

The Meat Trilogy was first published as three seperate pamphlets: Raw, Rare and Well Done in 2003/2004.  Here thet are all together.  Available as a download only. 

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The Resting Bench remastered

The Resting Bench was a colaboration between myself and Shaun Blezard aka Clutter for an exhibition at The Nest Cafe in Barrow-in-Furness.

The project started with Shaun taking photos of Barrow Island where we were both living at the time I wrote a series of poems to fit some of the images.

Shaun then recorded the poems and wrote musical settings for them - creating the original 4 tracks you hear on this release.

The Resting Bench was also performed live including Solfest and was released as a free download on Earth Monkey Productions in 2006.

There was also a successful remix project that saw over 40 remixes from around the world - the best of which were released by EMP - www.archive.org/details/trbrp_tracks - for free downloads.

Tracks 1-4 were on the original release of The Resting Bench are remastered for this version.

Track 5 is on The first volume of The Resting Bench Remix Project.

Tracks 6-8 are previously unreleased.

FOR DOWNLOAD OPTIONS VISIT www.clutter.bandcamp.com

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Online writing feedback 

Email up to 4 poems, 2 short stories or one longer piece for feedback or performance advice.


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